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Emotionally naked.

Kate Kennedy is an American standup comedian, writer, and former adult film actress based in Los Angeles.


From 2018-2020 she performed for a number of major pornographic film studios, including Naughty America, Kink, and like 85 others that she either forgot about or didn't bother learning the names of. In early 2020, Kennedy retired from professional adult film to focus on other projects, chiefly not dying from a worldwide pandemic. She blames Covid-19 for ending her career abruptly, but secretly it was mostly because she was tired of looking hot all the time, and wanted to devote all her time to looking tired instead.

Kennedy began performing standup in 2019 at The Comedy Store in Hollywood and took to it instantly, due largely to her irrational and insatiable desire for emotional validation from strangers. She has performed at several major venues in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and SHE WOULD HAVE GONE ON THE ROAD THIS YEAR but again, she blames Covid, and is grateful to have instead gotten the opportunity to perform in a variety of backyards and public parks this year.

A self described Podcast Slut, Kennedy is a delightful conversationalist who has appeared on nearly as many podcasts as pornos, including Your Mom's House with Tom Segura & Christina P., Dr. Drew After Dark, Dead Air with Brian Holtzman, The HoneyDew with Ryan Sickler, and Kill Tony. She will probably do your podcast. Just ask. 

Kennedy currently hosts her own show, The Kennedy Assassination, where she talks to and about men who dislike her on the internet. It comes out on Fridays when she feels like it and is available on most major podcast platforms.

This is the obligatory part of the text where I have to tell you that I would love to do your comedy show and you can email me details at

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